Natural sheet mica can be cut, stamped or punched to custom specified size, shape and thickness within close dimensional tolerances.

We manufacture a wide range of fabricated and specialty mica products in both Muscovite and Phlogopite. 

We also stock and fabricate insulators and custom made parts from Mica paper, Kapton, Silicone rubber, Nomex, Glass laminates and other plastics.  

Our range of Fabricated Mica Products include:

  1. Mica Discs

  2. Transistor Mica Insulators for TO-220, TO-3, TO-66, T0-5, TO-218 cases

  3. Mica Spacers

  4. Condenser Plates

  5. Mica Washers

  6. Diaphragm Valves

  7. Microwave Windows

  8. GM(Geiger Mueller) Mica Tubes


  1. Microscope Research Mica

  2. Stove Mica Windows

  3. Mica Shields

  4. Strainer Cores

  5. Corrugated Mica   


 We fabricate precision stamped parts from the following materials :

  1. Mica Paper/Silicone bonded heater mica plate

  2. Kapton

  3. Silicone Rubber

  4. Glass Laminates

  5. Nomex

  6. Other Plastics


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